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A friend in every pocket...

put us on and play!


Pocket Frenz hoodies empower all kids, especially those struggling with shyness and separation anxiety, through unique tactility, fun characters and interactive gameplay built right into the pockets.

There is no situation too scary when your kids are armed with the awesome power of a friend in every pocket!


Inside silky mesh pockets, hands transform into creature claws, fanatical characters or fun messages, while our signature minky pull-tabs provide the ultimate in soothing multi-tactility.


We have a little problem with Jackson's new Pocket Frenz hoodie. He won't take it off!  When it arrived he opened it up and was beaming, I asked him if he liked it and he gasped while looking in the mirror and said "no." He then paused for dramatic effect and added "I LOVE IT!".  He literally hasn't taken it off since, except to shower.  
- Felicia S. NY

"First day of Summer school for Perry... he was having a complete meltdown. Refusing to go... Guess what?? Gave him his Pocket Frenz and he is good to go! He loves it! The fact that it's 90 degrees outside doesn't even matter! Thanks!"
- Ada M.

Oh my goodness I just wanted to check in and let you guys know this is the coolest, cutest hoodie we've ever owned. My son is in love with it and I had to "hide" it from him because he keeps wanting to wear it now... but it's only a million degrees out there :) and he can't wear it just yet. We're definitely going back for more! I love that he loves it so much.”
- Vanessa C. - VA

"I wanted to let you know that I got the hoodie today and Chase LOVES it!  When I showed it to him on the computer he asked if he was able to put his hands in the sharks to make them talk and I wasn't sure so when he got it and he was able to he was so excited!!"
Cheryl L. - NY

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