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Pocket Frenz loves art, artists and creative expression! Therefore, it is our great pleasure to announce collaborative efforts with artists all over the world!  This venture is Marni's optimistic brainchild.  Despite Jason's cynical assertion -- "we'll never get these artists to work with us..." -- Marni was sure they would respond to our concept and our desire to help kids. Through the miracle of the internet, we hand-selected some of the most awesome talents in the digital, vector and graphic design fields, and (as Marni predicted) they responded! Collaborating over Skype, these amazing artists have brought our concepts to life, filling our sleeves and pockets with one-of-a-kind beauty. We are humbled by their support and grateful for their talent...

Can't get to Portugal to see authentic street art and graffiti murals? Just check out Pocket Frenz's Message in a Pocket Collection where we are lucky enough to feature the dynamic visions of Diogo Machado ( The Message in a Pocket Collection poses quirky graffiti questions on the sleeves and animated answers in the pockets!  Diogo's unique stylings offer the perfect combination of fashion and fun!

For our Release Your Inner Beast Collection, we reached out to South Africa and Poland respectively and were rewarded with two amazing graphic geniuses! These Hoodies allow kids to morph into their inner beasts, featuring realistic creature skin busting out of the sleeves and pockets that transform hands into other worldly claws!

Our Robot Hoodie features the amazing art of South Africa's Riyahd Cassiem ( His 3-D take on the inner-workings of a Cyborg are insane!

Our Dragon and Monster Hoodies are the unique creation of graphic illusionist Valp Maciej Hajnrich ( Valp's realistic and still-child-friendly renderings of dragon scales and monster flesh are mind-boggling!

Our Sportz Frenz Collection has your favorite sport emblazoned on the sleeve and an original Sportz Friend in every pocket. In this format, we are proud to be working with Mexican-born and Michigan-raised graphic artist, Fredy Santiago ( Fredy's immense talents go way beyond his years. With his designs, kids truly have a friend in every pocket!

Pocket Frenz Originals are the work of local artistic legend, Barry Orkin (, whose versatility and experience was invaluable in getting Pocket Frenz off the ground!  What he was able to do with our 4 innaugural characters (originally drawn by Jason on cocktail napkins) is nothing short of amazing!

COMING SOON! Pocket Frenz will be rolling out new designs every few months!  We will continue to work with our existing artists, while bringing in new exciting talents to explore some exciting new concepts!

We are proud to announce upcoming designs from the UK's Andreea Niculae( Her unique combination of edgy detail and feminine perspective are not to be missed. Stay tuned!

It is with great pride we introduce you to the Pocket Frenz artistic family. Keeping checking for more of their work and please visit their websites. Prepare to be awed!

OUR GOAL! Pocket Frenz is all about empowering children and there is no greater empowerment than fostering a child's artistic expression and imaginative development. With each concept and design we strive to nurture interactive gameplay and enhance a positive childhood experience. Once we reach a comfortable level of profitability, we plan to begin working with public schools, supporting their arts programs.  In the hopefully not-too-distant future, we would like to sponsor creative contests where children will get to design their own Pocket Frenz! The winning designs will be produced and sold on our website -- the proceeds of which going toward the winner's school's arts and scholarship programs.  Pocket Frenz is a small company with big dreams. Your support has already helped us realize so many of our goals. Please continue to support us and help grow Pocket Frenz into the positive force we know we can be.





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