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A friend in every pocket...


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Behold! The first ever Pocket Frenz mini-movie, dedicated to the empowerment of kids! When you're rocking the world's greatest hoodies, there is nothing you cannot achieve!  There is no situation too scary when you're armed with the awesome power of a friend in every pocket!


Pocket Frenz ID:  Surf Shark
Real Name:  Finn  J. Dorsal
Age:  7 (almost 8)
Favorite Sport:  Surfing, anything with a board, volleyball
Favorite Instrument:  Ukulele
Favorite Food:  Roasted sardines over a bonfire

  Beach parties, riding tasty waves, rockin' hoodies and scuba diving
  “I put the ‘Great’ in Great White…” “That bites, dude.”

 a Pocket Frenz ID: Alien Invasion
Real Name:  Ali N. Vasion
Age:  2378 (11 in human years)
Favorite Sport:  Anything Xtreme
Favorite Dance: The moonwalk 
Favorite Food: Mars bars, brussel sprouts
Hobbies:  Defying gravity, having a blast
Quotes:  “I'm out of this world…” “Gimme some space!”
Pocket Frenz ID: King Kobra
Real Name:  Jake Von Hiss
Age:  9
Favorite Sport:  Basketball (he was born in a basket)
Favorite Dance:  The Limbo
Favorite Food:  Spaghetti
Hobbies:  Being the life of the party, the king of the court and always tipping the scales in favor of fun
Quotes:  “You're rollin' with royalty…”  “I don't rattle.”
 a Pocket Frenz ID: Petal Twinz
Real Names:   Daisy & Petunia Petal
AGE:  6 & 6 (Daisy is 4 min older than her twin sister)
Favorite Sport:  Sunbathing, gymnastics, cheerleading
Favorite Music: The Roots, Lady Gaga
Favorite Drinks:  Water, Diet Sunkist
Hobbies:  ESP, acting, poetry, travel and each other
Quotes:  “Uh-oh, double trouble…” “Don't be shy, just give it a try!”
  Pocket Frenz ID:  Monster Jam
Real Name:  Johnny B. Ball
Age:  15
Favorite Sport:  Isn't it kind of obvious?
Favorite Instrument:  Anything that rocks!
Favorite Food:  Baby Backboard Ribs

  Basketball, Basketball and oh yeah, more Basketball
  “Gimme the rock!”... "Play above the rim!"
  Pocket Frenz ID:  The Heater
Real Name:  Dizzy Screwball
Age:  92
Favorite Sport:  Baseball
Favorite Instrument:  Doesn't matter as long as it plays "Take Me Out To the Ballgame!"
Favorite Food:  Hot Dogs, Peanuts, Cracker Jacks

  Breaking Bats, Lighting Up Speedguns, Swings and Misses
  “You can't hit what you can't see!"... "Strike four!"




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